2010 – What a Year!

So 2010 has had a lot going for it. I thought I’d try and think back to my accomplishments, failures, and most-memorables.

In January our car encountered a hit-and-run that really did a number on our pocket book:

– In April my lovely wife turned 21!

In June me and my Sunday School Band friends played at Ichthus Music Festival in Kentucky.

In July I turned 23! and Cash turned 1!

In August my wife and I celebrated our 2nd year of marriage. 🙂

In August I signed to Blackroom Records and began recording my new album, that’s out on 2.22.11.

In October we threw a house show with Denison Witmer at our place.

In November we became members at our church that we love dearly, August Gate.

In December we had the craziest Christmas of our lives.

And that’s just the big stuff. Not to mention finishing an album, playing 33 OP shows in 7 states, leading worship here and other places in the area. Meeting tons of new people, visiting dear friends and drinking way too much coffee in the process. Oh and I managed to keep my full-time job throughout all of that.

2011 is said to be even busier. There’s already about 30 shows on the bill with many more in the works. Cash will be 2. TWO!! I’ll be planning my 5-year highschool reunion. That should be interesting.

I am so thankful that God keeps us busy, and that he allows us to make new friends all of the time.

Thank you guys for always keeping us in your prayers, donating a few bucks whenever you’re able and above all caring enough to read this post. 🙂

It means a lot to have you in my life.

What do you have planned for this year?

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