Cabin Fever

My awesome wife found this rad cabin out in the sticks and reserved it for a couple of nights. It was so nice to just be away from life for a day or two.

I snapped a couple of photos to share the scenery with you. Also a picture of my breakfast.





We got in the car last night and drove south for a day or two. To hopefully get a little R&R with the family.

We are staying in the most beautiful cabin. We just got done hiking through the Garden of the Gods in southern Illinois. What a gorgeous view:Image



Have a nice evening everyone 🙂


Awesome Day

So today, I had the great pleasure to get together with some friends of mine and write music.

The guys I was writing with, are men from my church, who are worship leaders and songwriters. 
My pastor, Noah, who wouldn’t claim to be a songwriter even brought a little something.

At the end of about a 3 hours, we were able to track 3 and a half songs.

I think all of us were a little skeptical going into it. But it turned out to be an awesome idea. Woo!




In other news, this is happening:


Warped = Success


edit1photoedit7 edit10

First. Big thanks to Warped Tour, Ernie Ball, Full Sail and the Acoustic Basement for having me play. What an honor. Second, BIG thanks to all of you who voted to get me on the bill. What a great day.

It gets even better! Amanda Kim of the Monster Energy Pit Blog was nice enough to feature me for part of her Video (Here) ! And posted a photo on their instagram. Really feeling the love!

All the photos courtesy of the rad Brandon Eckert. Hire him.

Thanks for reading and supporting. 🙂

Warped Tour Announcement


It’s official!

I will be playing at Warped Tour 2013, on the Acoustic Basement Stage in St. Louis.

I was selected as one of the Ernie Ball Battle of the Band’s winners and will be playing July 24th between 11:15am and 12:30pm. Official set time to be announced Day of Show.

So get your tickets and get there early. I’d love to see you at Warped Tour 2013!

< Buy Tickets >

One More Thing

Hey friends.
I’ve updated my Noisetrade page. You can now download 4 of my songs including an unreleased acoustic version of Keep On Sinning (from the White Couch Sessions.) Also I’ve added my single, “Barriers.”

Download it here!

This is also to say sorry it’s taken so long to get my new album out! I love you guys!

Owen Pye & The Sunday School Band Reunion Tomorrow Night


So excited to announce that tomorrow night (Friday May 24th) I will be reuniting with my pals in The Sunday School Band to play a bunch of old material from our album we did in 2009.

2 of the members, Joel Sprenger and Benjamin Martin, are opening a studio (named Ambit Audio) in Collinsville, Illinois and are having their kickstarter kickoff party tomorrow night.

Be there. It’s gonna be awesome. We will be performing much if not all of the album.

7:00 PM – $10
838 S. Morrison
Collinsville. IL 62234

Tell your friends!

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