Cool Announcement Tuesday!

Hey friends. I’m going to be posting a rad announcement this Tuesday. So check back then!

Christmas Overload

So, I write to you in the midst of our wonderful Christmas weekend.
When you get married, you somehow get a lot more Christmas’ than your body can handle.

Regardless, we’ve had a blast spending some time with our family.

The kids playing some piano.

My mom makes the best chocolate cake. This is “Jesus’ Birthday Cake.”

I figured I’d share some moments thus far and say I hope your Christmas has been great.

In other news I’ve added a “ask me anything” box. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Feel free to use it!

Merry Christmas friends.

The Free EP (That’s a Lot of E’s.)

Friends! Another season of FREE music has begun. I don’t see this one ending for awhile. Still get it while the gettin’s good. This is a compilation of my discography. It’s got two songs from If That’s Cool With You, 1 song from the Looking Up EP and 2 songs from Owen Pye & The Sunday School band.

Hope you dig it, please pass it along!:

A ton of tour dates are coming out of the announcement box. If you look to the left of the page, you should see all of them listed in short and can click “shows” for all the specs.

Love you guys,


Hellooooooo (Update)

Remember on Seinfeld when Jerry would always be like, “HELLOOOOOOO…?”

That’s fun to do.

I’m giving you all one big “HELLOOOO” right now.

I am at home with my lovely wife at this second and we are enjoying some Sci-Fi television via the netflix as I type away at this update.

So here it is.

The album is finished and currently in the factory of Discmakers. As most of you know, I partnered with a student label (Blackroom Records) to release this new full-length in the spring.

This is the official announcement. “The Truth About Man” will be available for purchase on 2-22-11! – This album has 9 songs on it and I think you’ll like it.

That being said… I’m in the middle of booking a lot of tour dates with help from my friends. Below are some specific cities and dates that I’m looking at. If you can help, let me know!:

Evansville, IN – March 14th
Bowling Greenville, KY – March 15th
Chattangooga, TN – March 19th
Greenville, SC – March 22nd
Charleston, SC – March 23rd
Savannah, GA – March 24th
Jacksonville, FL – March 25th
Tallahassee, FL – March 26th
Birmingham, AL – March 27th
Memphis, TN – March 28th
Little Rock, AR – March 29th
Tulsa, OK – March 30th
Wichita, KS – April 1st
Kansas City, MO – April 2nd

If your city is not listed, do not fear as Jillian, Cash and myself will be hitting anywhere we can.

There’s a lot of other rad stuff in the works, but I either can’t say it here or I don’t know enough about it to talk about it. Get it?

Love you guys. Hope you got a lot out of my scatterbrain update.

– Owen

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