Episode #5 Is Here Already?!

You know, every week I post a video blog, the feeling is bittersweet: I’m super happy that I get to share something new with you guys, but I’m bummed because we’re almost done with the vlogs all together! But then I get excited because that means we’re almost to the new album dropping. It’s just an emotional roller coaster. Up and down. πŸ™‚

Today’s episode is airing a day early, because of Tuesday’s stop-motion hitting the interweb. I didn’t want 2 new vids hitting the net on the same day and just confusing the heck out of everyone.

This episode you get to hear from Chris Bonney (producer) and Shane Zimmer (guitarist/co-producer) about the album. This is my favorite episode because I am not talking the entire time. I hope you like it and that you will share the video link with your friends on twitter, facebook, and wherever else you can think of:

Next Tuesday will be our final episode and tomorrow we will be revealing the new stop-motion film on youtube along with the single “Barriers” on iTunes!

If I had to put into words how excited I am, I’d probably just use a ton of exclamation points. Like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will refrain. God bless you guys. Ta ta for now.

Big News!

It’s official my home slices:
“Barriers,” the single off of “The Truth About Man,” will be dropping this Tuesday (February 8th!)

In addition, the long awaited stop-motion film will be hitting the video interweb.

Get excited. And don’t forget to watch the video blogs that are already spinning around the net. πŸ™‚


Video Blog #4!

Hey friends. OP here!

I am so glad to announce video blog #4! This video has a live performance of one of the songs off of “The Truth About Man.” Yay!:Β http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvmsam1LdWI
(help me spread the word on this video. Retweet/Repost!)

Moving right along. There are a lot of tour dates filling in quite nicely. If you’d like to see a complete list of the upcoming tour dates in IL, MO, IA, IN, TN, GA, SC, AR, OK and KS, then check them out!:

We just finished the filming of the stop-motion film for the single, “Barriers.” We are hoping this will be up for viewing next Tuesday, but it’s still TBA.

There was an interesting review/interview written about the new album yesterday. You can read it here:

This past weekend we had a tour fundraiser dinner and with everyone’s selfless giving, we were able to raise over $1100. I am so thankful for everyone who pitched in. Thank you!

I love you guys. Write back if you feel like it! πŸ™‚

– Owen

Stop-Motion in Motion

This week has been busy busy busy.

My wife, Jillian, and my friend Lucas who is also the president of Blackroom Records, created an incredible stop-motion film.

This video was set to the single “Barriers.” We aren’t exactly sure when this video will go public, but I’m guessing 2 weeks before the release of the album (February 8th.) In addition to watching the film, you’ll have access to the single “Barriers” on iTunes. Woot!

Now, it’s taking everything in me not to upload the video to youtube and show it to you right now. But that would be super lame. I will on the other hand share some stills from the film:

Hopefully this will keep you pacified until the real thing comes in a few weeks.

Unless of course you’re coming to the fundraiser we’re doing in Collinsville, IL this evening. (Where we will be showing it for the first time!)

A lot of efforts being done to make this music heard has nothing to do with me. I am so thankful for friends, family, and “fans to soon be friends” who help spread the word and make the whole thing run.

I love you guys. I can’t say that enough.

Video Blog #2

It’s Tuesday. Video blog #2 is here!:

In this episode you’ll hear an acoustic performance from the new album!
The song is titled “Freewill.”

Tweet a link to this video on your Twitter, including a mention to @OwenPye, and you’re automatically entered to win a free autographed poster.

Did you miss Episode #1? Click HERE to catch up.

love you guys,

Video Blog Episode 1…

Ladies and gentlemen,

I present to you the first episode of our weekly video blogs in celebration of the new album, “The Truth About Man”, coming out on 2.22.11! Watch it now and stop by every Tuesday!:

Please post this video on your social networks and blog sites!
youtube.com/iamowenpye | vimeo.com/iamowenpye

There’s a lot of updates coming your way. If you’re not signed up for the mailing list, do so now!

hugs and kisses,

Dinner & a Movie w/ Pye Fundraiser

Hey friends!

My lovely wife, our friend Arwen, some other friends and some other friends are putting together a fundraiser for our upcoming months on the road.

Here’s a sweeeet flier for it, that Lucas Harger made:

The money raised will go towards travel costs and an emergency fund on tour.

If you’d like to read more about it, visit my wife’s blog post HERE.

Also. There’s been some more tour dates added on the schedule.
Don’t forget to tune in TUESDAY JANUARY 11TH for the first of 6 studio blogs!

Time is about to fly by as we prepare for the road and for the upcoming release on 2.22.11. So pumped. Glad you’re here to join in the fun. πŸ™‚

2010 – What a Year!

So 2010 has had a lot going for it. I thought I’d try and think back to my accomplishments, failures, and most-memorables.

In January our car encountered a hit-and-run that really did a number on our pocket book:

– In April my lovely wife turned 21!

In June me and my Sunday School Band friends played at Ichthus Music Festival in Kentucky.

In July I turned 23! and Cash turned 1!

In August my wife and I celebrated our 2nd year of marriage. πŸ™‚

In August I signed to Blackroom Records and began recording my new album, that’s out on 2.22.11.

In October we threw a house show with Denison Witmer at our place.

In November we became members at our church that we love dearly, August Gate.

In December we had the craziest Christmas of our lives.

And that’s just the big stuff. Not to mention finishing an album, playing 33 OP shows in 7 states, leading worship here and other places in the area. Meeting tons of new people, visiting dear friends and drinking way too much coffee in the process. Oh and I managed to keep my full-time job throughout all of that.

2011 is said to be even busier. There’s already about 30 shows on the bill with many more in the works. Cash will be 2. TWO!! I’ll be planning my 5-year highschool reunion. That should be interesting.

I am so thankful that God keeps us busy, and that he allows us to make new friends all of the time.

Thank you guys for always keeping us in your prayers, donating a few bucks whenever you’re able and above all caring enough to read this post. πŸ™‚

It means a lot to have you in my life.

What do you have planned for this year?

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