Fun Around Town (STL)

I was given a copy of this year’s Experience Booklet and though I haven’t gotten the full mileage out of it yet, I’ve certainly dabbled. Here are some spots I visited the last couple weeks that peaked my interest. 1 Free Small Plant with Any Cafe Purchase at MayPop I enjoyed a delightful espresso andContinue reading “Fun Around Town (STL)”

Denison Witmer Cover “Grandma Mary” – Live at The Duck Room

This was such a wonderful evening. If you were there, thank you. I was able to capture some not great footage of the evening. Here’s a cover by Denison Witmer. If you don’t know or follow Denison, you’re about 20+ years behind, but if you’re breathing there’s still time to go buy every record he’sContinue reading “Denison Witmer Cover “Grandma Mary” – Live at The Duck Room”