“Why should it always be winter time in our hearts?”
– Charles Spurgeon

I’m really feeling convicted by the Holy Spirit through these words from Spurgeon.

I feel like as a Christian, if we aren’t careful, we get to this lull spot where we are just there. We’re not really living for Jesus. And we are completely content with our distractions (idols) that we have: careers, technology, social media, pornography, movies, tv, blogs, and at the top of the list, pride.

We’ve got to strive to grow up and be like Jesus. And not accept the normal “Christian” attitude of contentment.

I’m not a preacher, or a super smart guy. I just thought I’d share this with you in hopes that it does your soul some good, and in turn helps the good news be proclaimed.

Love y’all. Don’t do anything stupid tonight.

– Owen

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