Choose Own Creepy Adventure?

So since I’ve been a dad for a couple of years now, I am getting to go back and read tons of children’s books that I used to read when I was 3. And tons more that I’ve never heard of. 

This past year, our town’s library was getting rid of a ton of their books (fill a bag for $1.) My lovely wife, Jillian, cleaned them out of children’s books. 

There are a few treasures in there including this Choose Your Own Adventure one titled, Your Very Own Robot (pictured below.)

We all know how these books work: you come to the end of a page and you are given a choice to do one thing, or do another, and the ending changes depending on the choices you make along the way. 

The most recent time that I read this to Cash, there was a really morbid ending that made me laugh and get creeped out all at the same time. 

I’m going to share the ending with you, but first the question is asked, “Do you want to leap on your robot?” or, “Do you want to call the fire department?” – Basically this robot that you build has some issues. Cash decides, hey I’m going to jump on the robot. We are met with THIS ending. Read…

You leap on your robot. And both of you blast into space.
You go past Mars, past Jupiter, past the Milky Way!
You land on Planet Silver, the robot planet. You see thousands of robots, beeping and flashing. “WELCOME!” says the Robot King. “WE ARE GLAD YOU ARE HERE, AND YOU WILL STAY HERE FOREVER BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT EARTH TO KNOW ABOUT US.”
“Why not?” you ask.
“I will keep your secret,” you say.
“NOPE.” says the Robot King. “YOU ARE STAYING WITH US.”
Then he takes you apart and builds you into a robot!
“BLEEP! OOPS!” you say. And nobody ever sees you again.

The End


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