So most people will read this and think this isn’t a big deal. And it’s not. It’s absolutely not. It just needs to be documented because it may never happen again.

I haven’t participated in any exercise in close to 4 years. But last night my bud Cameron texted us and asked if anyone would like to run with him. I don’t think he expected me to go along with it.

But he lit a fire under my butt, and I ran last night and again this morning. Could this be a new trend at The Pye’s? Voluntary physical activity?

Here is proof. I didn’t get this off google, this is a screenshot from the computer.


Jillian and a lot of our friends are participating in the upcoming Color Run in St. Louis. I sadly will not be able to as I will be working in Iowa for 5 Hour.

Though, I am eyeballing another run coming up. My mother works for an awesome organization called N.C.C.S. (National Children’s Cancer Society) and she is helping coordinate a run on September 22nd at SIUE in Edwardsville, Illinois.

I figured I’d put a plug for it on the interweb and see if anyone else would be interested in registering?

Love you guys. All day tomorrow (Friday) I’m planning to write a ton of music. I wanna have this album wrapped up ASAP.

Hopefully my writing and exercise will be fruitful.

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