Someone Tried to Rob My Grandpa (True Story)

Now I haven’t fully pieced together the entire story here. But I have the bulk of it, and I wanted to share it with ya.

This morning, my Grandpa gets a phone call (he lives in Florida, I live in Illinois.)

The man on the other end of the line says he’s a lawyer with one of his grandsons. He replies “which grandson, I have a lot of grandsons?” – The guy acts like he can’t remember the name.

My grandpa says, “Owen?”

“Lawyer” says, “Yeah that’s it. Owen was in a car accident last night and accidentally ran into the back of a car that belonged to some gentlemen from the Dominican Republic. He’s ok, his nose is broken, but he’s going to be alright. Please don’t tell his parents as he doesn’t want anyone to know.

My grandpa responds, “Well of course I’m going to tell his parents, I’m going to call em right now.”

The lawyer says they need $2,200 to help bail me out of the county jail!

My grandpa says, “I think you need to shut up.”

Lawyer- “No one tells me to shut up.”

Grandpa, “I just did.” and hangs up the phone.

In which case Grandpa calls my parents who call me trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

All this to say. SOMEONE is out there scamming innocent old grandma and grandpa trying to get a little green. The sad part is, they wouldn’t be doing it, if no one was falling for it.

Super glad my grandpa has plenty of old man power to scare these gangsters off.

The funny thing is, I don’t even have my grandpa’s phone number. If I want to talk with him, I go to my parents house and talk to him on speaker phone.

The lesson here kids?
Don’t have anything to do with your grandparents, or scam artists will steal $2,200 from them.

be safe.

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