Where Do You Want Me to Play?

Hey friends!
I want to be really prepared for the next several months. I’d like to right now start compiling cities and contacts to be planning tours down the road.

I need your help!

I’ve already added several dates to my schedule and I want to hit your city as well.

If you’re a promoter, fill out this booking request.

If you’re not a promoter, but know information about the music scene in your town, email me (owen@owenpye.com)

If you know nothing about the scene but still want me to play, leave a comment on this post with your city or the closest major city.

Sound cool? Ok….go!

Love y’all,

Published by owenpye

Hey guys! It's me, Owen! Let's grab a coffee or something. hello@owenpye.com follow me @owenpye on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

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