Some Label Love

So. I just want to take a second and say how awesome of a label I’m on. Since the signing to SloSpeak Records was announced in December, a ton of cool stuff has happened for them.

– They signed the incredible band, SONS. Who just so happens to be playing IN ST. LOUIS THIS SATURDAY WITH ME. You should go to that by the way. You can stream their single on their site btw.

– The first band on the label, BLOOD AND WATER, were featured on the IndieVisionMusic PUNK NEVER DIES VOL. 1 Compilation. They were number 1 in voting on that thing for weeks (above freakin’ MxPx!)

– Lastly PIONEER just did their CD Release party last night for their new self-titled album. They recorded it with Mark Townsend and it sounds awesome. You should go listen to their single and pre-order it for yourself!

I am just thrilled to be apart of a label that is professional, loves Jesus, and loves people. Read this sweet interview by the label executive, Davy Baysinger, HERE. And if you are a Bleach fan like me, he talks about that too!

Thanking Jesus for them and their hardwork so far this year. Keep an eye on them and all the bands on the roster!


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