OP Goals for 2012

NEWS: OP signs to SloSpeak Records. Album planned for release in 2012.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking as this New Year has been approaching and is finally here, about what big hurdles I’d like to jump over in 2012.

Musically, I’d like to…
finish writing and release the best album I possibly can.
tour nationally, and try and make the best use of my time on the road.
tour Canada.
tour the UK.

Spiritually, I’d like to…
read through the whole bible in a year or less. I’ve never come close to this.
walk with Jesus daily, which has a lot to do with the first goal, but more than that.
tell people my story.

As a husband/father, I’d like to…
lead my wife in my actions, my love for Jesus and for our family.
teach my son about Jesus in a way he can understand.
go on a date every week with my wife.

Also, I’d like to…
write letters to my friends. real, physical, letters.
be a better supporter of the local scene in St. Louis and the metro east area.
help my church, August Gate, plant a new gathering in the metro east and further the gospel in our city.

What about you guys? I’m very curious. Please share them with me, or a link to your blog where I can read about it.

Keep in touch. For real. The internet is so weird.

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