Thanksgiving WHEW

NEWS: Hey all you Spotify users. You can now stream/download my first 2 albums on Spotify. So check that out

What I did his Thanksgiving: Ate more meals than I can count, saw a ton of family on both sides, wrote some music, wore this snazzy shirt (seen in photo along with my old switchblade comb I found at mom & dads), and my sister gave me this sweet Bleach belt buckle. Thanks sis!:

After all the driving from town to town, eating mass amounts of food, and lack of sleep, Cash serenaded me by singing into his plastic microphone. He knows how to make me relax.

Some really neat stuff is on the horizon for The Pye’s. I am heading out to San Francisco this Thursday thru Monday to write music for four days. While you mid-westerns are freezing, I’ll be in the mid 60s being inspired by the ocean breeze.

I get to go write with some good friends/inspirers who are going to help me finish an album by the end of this year. Hoping to be in the studio around March for a new full-length record. I’ll definitely give you more details on this at a later date. Let’s just say FOLLOW the blog/sign the mailing list and keep updated with me.

I plan to post lots of sweet pictures and eat lots of food. Maybe even swim with the dolphins? Nah, prolly won’t do that. Fish that can talk scare me.

your pal,

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One thought on “Thanksgiving WHEW

  1. Owen! Jay and I just discovered Spotify and added you. So cool… you were the first song we searched for on there. Always supporting you! You are awesome.


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