Last Night At Cicero’s

Just a little recap from last night’s show at Cicero’s on Delmar…

Such an incredible turn out. So many familiar faces and new ones. Thank you to everyone who came out whether it was to see me or not.

Got to hear a lot of new stuff from the greats, Deas Vail. Checkout their new record which drops October 11th:

I also want to brag on my band last night. Haven’t done a full-band show in over 6 months. Got one practice in before the show. And it was my bass man’s first time EVER playing the songs.

So blessed to have had my bro’s plucking with me last night:

Ryan Fancher (drums), Joel Sprenger (electric), Shane Zimmer (electric), Josh Jones (bass.)

And of course thanks to Jessie Mae and Cicero’s.

Seriously overwhelmed with the response and blessings.

God bless you guys. If you were there, say what’s up!

– op

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One thought on “Last Night At Cicero’s

  1. whats up!!! awesome show owen, I haven’t heard your stuff for a long.. and I mean years.. long time. Love the good old owen voice 🙂 The full band thing is frickin sweet man. so rich. i’ll be voting from today forward every day bro. good luck and god bless!!!


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