Holy Cobalt!

So today on her way home from work, my wife’s car hydroplaned and went into a median on the interstate.


Luckily, she is alright and we are thanking God for protecting her. She is just a little shook up mainly from the trauma and the airbag deploying.

We are just praying that insurance company has more good news for us than bad right now.

Be safe out there on the rain folks!

Hope you are all doing well. If you see or talk to my wife, let her know you’re glad she’s alive too, cus life wouldn’t be as fun.

– op

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One thought on “Holy Cobalt!

  1. You guys have the worst luck when it comes to vehicle damage. Have you considered a horse and buggy? They seem to be all the rage whenever I get into Missouri on my way to Kirksville.

    Hope everything turned out for the better with this! (Especially since Chevrolet doesn’t make the Cobalt anymore, that thing’s a piece of automobile history now!)


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