Early Morning Update

It’s Tuesdy morning (not a typo, TUESDYYYEEE.) And it is really early (notice the coffee.)

Cash man decided to wake up at an ungodly hour. I had two choices of updating you guys on life or attempting to go back to sleep.
I was in a mode where that probably wouldn’t be very fruitful so I chose the update.

This Sunday is JOSHUA FEST. If you live anywhere near the Sacramento, California area OR are up for a wicked awesome Labor Day weekend roadtrip, then come see me on Sunday at JFEST, 3:45 on Mainstage. Click HERE for deets!

Along with that we have a slew of new shows coming up:

9/13 @ Cicero’s – National Children’s Cancer Society Benefit w/ Daphne Willis (ST. LOUIS/U. City)

9/26 @ Cicero’s w/ DEAS VAIL (ST. LOUIS/U. City)

9/30 @ Ten Mile House (ST. LOUIS/S. City)

Other news:

Jillian and I have moved back to our old apartment (street pictured below) in Lebanon, IL which we are super pumped about. In a couple of weeks we are starting a “Gospel Community” with our church where we’ll begin meeting with a group of people in all age groups weekly. We’ll be eating a meal together, and talking about God’s gospel with each other. It’s gonna be awesome. We belong to a great group of believers.

Cash DID win the contest that I had asked all of you to help out with. This is something I cannot be more thankful for. We’ll be able to purchase really nice clothes for him with the $1200 credit we received from Gilt Children. We’re going to try to buy stuff in multiple sizes, and hopefully this prize will last us for more than just a year. We’re praising God for this, as it’s a HUGE blessing.

I am writing as I said before. I’ve got a few demos done. I truly can’t wait to get them finished, because that just opens the next door of production, which eventually leads to a new album.

I can’t/don’t/won’t give you any specifics, but God is really blessing me right now musically (and a lot of other areas.) I can’t wait to expound on that deeper, but that is for another day.

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