Tonight Was Great

The live broadcast tonight was a lot of fun. It got off to a pretty shaky start. I actually broadcasted from Josh Jones’ bathroom because the acoustics/lighting are good and it’s not a very trafficked bathroom, so I knew I wouldn’t be in anyone’s way as they went about their business.

About a verse into the second song, I see these massive water drops hitting the floor, making a really loud drop noise. I power through the rest of the song, trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

I had to pause the set and inform Josh. We put a bucket underneath the opening in the ceiling and the temporary fix was a success. I’m quite bummed out for the Jones’ and their piping misfortune though. I appreciate everyone’s understanding in all the technical difficulties as they were happening live on camera.

The cast went great and the group that tuned in were very responsive, texting me throughout the set.

I’m definitely going to start doing this every six weeks or so. It allows me to play for people that I’m not able to tour for at this point in time. The tour season has kind of paused besides regional stuff I’m doing, and this is a really great substitute.

If you were listening, I’d love to hear what you thought and any suggestions on doing it different next time.

Lastly, I’ve begun writing. Lots of great stuff on the horizon that I can’t even begin to talk about. 🙂 It’s good though, I swear!

Love ya like a brother/sister,

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