What’s Up?

Thought I’d drop you a line and say hey.

I got home from Beulah Youth Institute Saturday evening. It’s a Methodist church camp located in El Dorado, Illinois. The week consisted of about 12 worship services and an acoustic set of Owen Pye songs for the graduating seniors. I also taught two “seminars” on “music and poetry.” More so music than poetry. 😉

I got to catch up on some sleep and my wife has been very graceful to let me sleep that extra hour in the mornings. Praise God for her!

This is the band for the week who led worship with me. Boy were they solid!:

(from left: me, josh reeves (drums), justin froning (bass), and shane zimmer (guitar.)

I think that was the only picture we got together not on stage the whole week. We were just wrapping up at the Mexican restaurant down the street. Oh boy.

Right now I’m sniffing around for different jobs to possibly take on. I’m also starting to write music again for a potential record some day. I have very little details on that at the moment.

The recurring theme of my life is being open to what God wants us to do next. We have a hunch or two as to what that looks like. But per the usual, God usually gives us the details way later than we think we need them.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. may the Lord bless you as you wait on Him! That catching up on sleep went along with catching up on laundry at my house – with 3 of us at Beulah for the week. Loved your heart of worship and thankful to God that He allowed us to share the week together in worship and learning of Him.


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