Cars Suck.

I’m not going to lie to you. We (Jillian and I) have never had much luck with cars. But God always seems to provide a way for us to get around. So we are “whatever” on the subject.

Today is one of those days that we have so much to do, but there isn’t enough time to do it in. At this moment we are at Jillian’s parents house, getting ready to go somewhere. So I figured I’d take the 10 minutes of downtime and share what’s up.

My family has so many birthday’s and anniversaries that fall on the same week, June is a killer month for family.

Today we are celebrating my brother, my sister and my mother’s birthday. Also we are celebrating my mom and dad’s 38th wedding anniversary. My mom’s Dad is in town from Florida, and my sister came up from Nashville. All this rendezvous will take place after we hit up Nicole’s (Jillian’s little sister) dance recital.

After the hangout. My friends (Josh, Shane and Justin) are driving up/down from west county, Cape Girardeau and Russellville, Arkansas for our one and only practice together before we head out to lead worship at a camp for a week.

This morning I drove to my buddy Ben Hancock’s place. He’s lending me his flip video HD (I love this thing) for camp and I am super thankful for this. On my way back I stopped to vacuum out the car and, all of a sudden the car stopped. I put the car in park and got out to find this…

AAA is on it, but it wasn’t without effort. The guy sliced his finger open at one point trying to get the upper ball joint back into place so he could put it on his bed.

Life goes on. God will provide a way for us to get this fixed and we’re trying to keep our spirits up. Luckily I had Ben’s flip to document all this. HA!

On a more serious note. Please be in prayer for our good friend Kim Jones. Her dad is currently in critical condition. We live with Kim and Josh and they mean so much to us. We hate seeing them or their family in any pain. Pray God would heal Kim’s dad.

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