Cancelled Shows? What Gives?

(toll on the PA turnpike. snap!)

Hey there friends.

So for a few different reasons (which I will list below) there have been 3 shows cancelled from this leg of the tour:
Tonight in Allentown PA, Tomorrow in Baltimore MD, and Wednesday in Knoxville TN. This isn’t because of any personal vendetta against the residents of these cities. Here’s how it unfolded.

I got the call on the way to Philly yesterday morning that the show in Allentown at Crocodile Rock was cancelled. The local support at the show had a death in the family which caused them to cancel which stinks (I am so sorry for their loss!) This was the only show until we get home that had payment attached to it. Tomorrow in Baltimore was tips based and Wednesday night in Knoxville was tip-based. Even still, if we had places to stay in these cities we probably would have still pressed on.

These last few weeks leading up to the cancellations have had a lot of mishaps and poor payment attached to them. So we figured we could do the show and roll the dice, or play it safe and head home to hopefully get some more planning in for this next tour and get everything figured out.

I thought I would just start sharing some of our needs with you guys and if you can help, we’d appreciate it… Thank you!:

May 17th – Lodging and Show Needed in OKC Area
May 18th – Lodging Needed in Amarillo, TX
May 19th – Show Needed in Albuquerque, NM Area
May 20th – Lodging Needed in Flagstaff, AZ
May 21st – Lodging Needed in Vegas
May 26th – Lodging Needed in Tucson, AZ
May 27th – Show and Lodging Needed in Las Cruces, NM Area
May 28th – Show and Lodging Needed in Carlsbad, NM
May 29th – Lodging Needed in San Angelo, TX
May 30th – Lodging Needed in San Angelo, TX
May 31st – Lodging Needed in Austin, TX
June 2nd – Lodging Needed in Shreveport, LA
June 3rd – Show and Lodging Needed in Fort Smith, AR

God is constantly reminding us that He is in control and that He always provides. We are constantly needing reminding.

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One thought on “Cancelled Shows? What Gives?

  1. That’s a toll in Pennsylvania? Jeez, what is that? A clam chowder tax? That’s ridiculous!

    It’s things like that make me proud to be born and raised in the good ol’ Midwest.


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