the tough but rewarding reality of life on the road

Happy Easter you guys! This is the day that we meditate and think about Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. If you are a Christian, rejoice. If you are distancing yourself from Jesus, please reconsider the fact that He is the ONLY God who rose from the dead. He loves you. And the best part? The gospel is for everyone. We are all broken and in need of a Savior (Romans 3:23.)

I’m writing to you from Boulder, Colorado. The city has free wi-fi. Booyah! Couldn’t they just get one big router for the entire nation? You could put it on top of one of the mountains here. Or in backwoods nation where they put like Tyson plants and things like that. Think about it!

A couple of super rad things were published on the internet and I thought I’d share them with you.

First up. “Wildy’s World” out of Amherst, New York wrote an album review for “The Truth About Man.” This is just some of the nice things they had to say:

“This is not the sort of music you’re likely to hear on Contemporary Christian radio; Pye doesn’t proselytize or try to convince anyone of anything.  He simply tells his own story in imagery both bright and obscure.”
Read the whole review HERE.

Another cool thing that was published out of the UK. Some of you might have read the review that Lins Honeyman of Cross Rythms did for “The Truth About Man” a few months back. Just recently I got to do an interview with him about my music and career. He published a cool article titled “The tough but rewarding reality of life on the road.” You should definitely check it out HERE.

Tonight I am playing my 300th show as a solo artist. I am pretty crazy to still be pursuing music through the years, but I believe it’s my calling at this point in time. So until further notice, I’ll keep on doing it. Did I mention my wife and son are the best?

Today I’m going to hangout with my friend Marq in Boulder. We are going to busk on Pearl Street for a little while. Maybe make a few bucks, or maybe just hang out and meet some new peeps.

Here’s a pic from the other day in Kansas City where Cash and I tried it out for a few minutes in front of Pottery Barn:

God bless you all. Happy Easter!

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2 thoughts on “the tough but rewarding reality of life on the road

  1. Happy Easter, Owen, Jillian & Cash!
    Wish I were in Colorado with you!
    Thanks for the encouraging words, Owen. I am always so amazed with the faith you and Jillian have to take on touring relying on God to provide what you need. You are truly an inspiration.
    Have a blessed Easter, and have fun hanging with friends!
    See you next time you’re in the area.


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