A Good Day for Shows

Yesterday (April 9th) we played at the AgapeFest Battle of the Bands. By we I mean myself, Shane Zimmer, Joel Sprenger, Ryan Fancher and Mat Kuhlig.

I have to admit, I haven’t played a BOTB since…2004? So it was interesting to be doing something like that.

Basically, there are 9 bands selected from online submissions (through Sonicbids) and at the BOTB they pick 5 to go on to the next round. The next round takes place on April 29th at Agape on 2nd Stage at 5PM. If we place 1st or 2nd we will be playing on mainstage the next morning at Agape. If we do get first we are eligible to compete at CFA (Christian Festival Association) Battle of the Bands.

If you’d like to come support us at Agape, we’d be glad to have you there singing along. If you live far away or weren’t already planning to go to Agape I understand. But if you are already going, why not stop by 2nd stage on Friday night? Huh, huh?

We had to jet before the end because I had another show to get ready for in St. Louis.

Last night I played at Foam Coffee and Beer in STL. My old friend Nick Flora was in town and had asked me to do the show with him. Some of you guys might remember when we did a Split EP in 2007 called “Looking Up.” He was still going under the moniker Coin Laundry Loser. On a sidenote you can still purchase my half of that EP on iTunes here.

This is a iPhone snap from the show courtesy of Ben Hancock:

The turnout was pretty decent. It was awesome to see a lot of my August Gate friends there. It’s rad that we are still a small enough church that the leadership can support people when their schedules permit. I know it won’t stay that way forever as our church grows more and more by the grace of God and for it.

On a side-note. I love my church. If you live in the St. Louis/metro-east area and are seeking a church, or a small group…I highly suggest checking it out. Jillian and I are traveling more and more with my music and we absolutely miss it when we are not in town.

Thanks for reading this you guys.

I’m about to hit up some more tour dates. Here they are (some of them haven’t been published yet, but all the cities are for sure!):

April 15th – Chicago, IL @ Many People’s Church
April 16th – Highland, IL @ Hank’s Coffee Shop
April 20th – Kansas City, MO @ House Show
April 21st – Junction City, KS @ Turning Point Church
April 23rd – Denver, CO @ The Walnut Room
April 24th – Denver, CO @ Casselman’s
April 26th – Lincoln, NE @ The 815
April 28th – Columbia, MO @ Sideshow

Have a great Sunday. Again, if you’re free tonight and you live in St. Louis. Come worship with me and my family at August Gate.


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