Great Review and Show Reschedule Announcement!

It’s Friday. I will refrain from an awful Rebecca Black reference and stick to the script.

Lins Honeyman of Perth, Scotland wrote a really great review a week or so ago for “The Truth About Man.” I thought I’d share it with you. Click here to read it. 🙂

I have an announcement in regards to the show Monday that was supposed to be at Humdingers in Cordova, TN. It has been moved to Dom’s house in Bartlett, TN for a rad house show. See the show deets for info.

Yesterday (Thursday) was a super rad day off (the first of the tour so far.) We hit up Tybee Island for a little beach action. The water was pretty cold still, but it was nice to pal around a bit and see my son’s reaction to the shore. He loved it, but was somewhat terrified when we’d get deeper in the water. Here are some snaps. Excuse my pale self:

^ This is a screenshot from the movie “Cast Away.”

^ I’m 23 years old and I have the same swim trunks as when I was 16. They’ve been used a dozen times.

^ this is my lovely wife and son.

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