Charleston, SC for the Win!

Excellent show last night. First time for me playing in the southern parts of the east coast. Charleston was/is beautiful.

I shared the stage with some excellent locals for a lack of a better word: Mary Cornelius, Caxton Beaty, Jonathan Robinson and Tidal Jive. Great group of folks. I am very thankful for their efforts in promoting and getting folks out to the show. You guys rawk! Even the staff (Kendall/Mark/Bartenders) were nice. How about that?

The “crowd response” was exceptional. This video is proof!:

My wife is feeling much better. Her fever is gone (Praise Jesus.) Thank you everyone who has been praying for her to get over what she’s been dealing with. Thanks to the Cravens for putting us up in a hotel for the evening to help her get some rest. Such a blessing!

We have the day off today in Savannah, Georgia. We are so looking forward to introducing Cash to the beach. I hope that the beach folk are accepting of us pale-white-midwesterns.

We will snap some photos of the Atlantic for folks back home. Peace!

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2 thoughts on “Charleston, SC for the Win!

  1. Owen, it was such a pleasure to meet you in Charleston! Caxton said your show was so wonderful!
    Wishing you and your family safe and fun travels on your tour.

    Blessings on you,

    Beth Beaty


    1. It was great meeting you too, Beth!
      Caxton is such a nice girl. It was great to get to play with her.

      I hope to see you both again someday soon!

      – Owen


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