Update #24058

We are about half way through this tour we’re doing through the south/southeast. It’s been a blast thus far. There have definitely been ups and downs.

Jillian and Cash have both been sick at some point during the tour. I haven’t had any illnesses though. We’ve sold some CDs and hung out with some folks.

I finally got to meet my internet friend, Gerren Fish. This dude has been helping me out a lot with some of these southern states and is just awesome. Check him out.

I’m going to be hitting up the “Agape Battle of the Bands” on April 9th. Some of the guys who I’ve been playing with for a while will be playing too and making me sound good. The winner of the battle gets to do a mainstage slot at Agape. Cross your fingers!

For lack of a better way to end this post. Here are some photos that have been snapped so far in our trip:

^ Cash “checking” the microphone. Pretty hillarious.

^ Bobby Rayfield (owner of Inherent Records in Cleveland TN), The On Fires (band from Australia) and a couple of nice showgoers after the show.

^ me in front of “the wall” at SXSW in Austin.

^ me playing some tunes in Cape Girardeau at Dockside.

I’ll chat with you laters. – OP

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