South by So, What’s Up?

Hello friends!
I am writing to you via iPhone in the midst of a connecting flight to Austin, Texas. I’m headed there to play at the beloved SXSW (South by Southwest.)

The showcase I’m playing at is really neat and if are near Austin you should stop in. (1:45 PM at Bayou Lounge – 500 6th Street. Free. $5 for minors.)

If you don’t live near Austin or are not in town for the festival, never fear. You can watch the entire performance via live stream. Go here and it will tell you how!:

TuneCore (an online distributor for independent musicians) did a 29 track sampler for SXSW artists and put it up for FREE on Amazon. I’m the last track with my song “Success.” Get it here!:

TuneCore is also doing a cool photo contest for people at SXSW where you can win free stuff just for snapping a photo of one of their artists. I’m included in this contest. Here are all the details:

That’s all I have for the moment. Tour has been pretty decent thus far. It’s been wonderful getting to meet new people and see some old friends.

My wife has been keeping better updates than me:

I just met a cool dude on my flight named Everett. (fun fact.)

Talk to you guys later!

– OP

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