CD Release Week = Awesome

Wow. What a week.

The Greenville, Iowa City, Effingham and St. Louis shows were excellent.

The Greenville and St. Louis shows were the extra special shows as there was a full-band performance and we played through the album in its entirety.

Tuesday (Greenville) was broadcasted live on the WGRN radio station and was apparently captured in its entirety on film and audio. I will let you know if this means anything to you at a later date. 🙂

We have some really rad new merch including mugs which are now all gone (we’ll be re-ordering and hopefully receiving them before tour.) We didn’t sell-out of the CDs yet if you are planning to get one. 😉

There was some video footage of Tuesday and Friday posted on Youtube. Just search “Owen Pye” and you might find some of it.

Joel Conner of Conner Photography came to the St. Louis show last night and snapped some excellent photos, as you can see:

^ I’m playing my friend Josh Jones‘ Gibson. He is a great friend.

^ This is Ryan ‘The Fanch’ Fancher. We’ve been playing music together for almost 4 years. We played in the band Ekkardia together, and he was in Owen Pye & The Sunday School Band. Excellent dude. Solid. Solid. Solid.

^ This is Mat Kuhlig. You may recognize him as the male lead of the “Barriers” stop motion film.

^ Shane Zimmer played electric guitar on “The Truth About Man.” He is an excellent friend. So thankful to know him.

^ This rowdy looking dude is none other than my brother-in-law, Joel Sprenger. We rent his basement, we play music together. We also work together. Well for the next week that is. haha.

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to the shows this week.

Special thanks to August Gate Church, Greenville College, Blackroom Records, UAY, 180 Effingham, Conner Photography, WGRN.

And a SUPER Special thanks to my volunteer bandmates:
Shane Zimmer – Guitar/Vocals/Sleigh Bells
Joel Sprenger – Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Fancher – Drums
Mat Kuhlig – Bass/Vocals/Harmonica

You guys are wonderful in supporting me. I am absolutely humbled by it.

– Owen
P.S. If you weren’t able to make it to the CD release, that’s fine. Just know that God punishes. I’m just kidding. But seriously.

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