Wanna Make a Difference?

So there is a ton of stuff coming up in Pye world. Next Tuesday the new album hits. There are 4 CD release shows coming up. Dozens of tour dates and counting. How would you like to make a difference in the Pye family endeavors?

We cannot do this whole music business thing on our own. We need any help you can give.

Here are some simple ways:
1) Buy CDs. The new album hits Tuesday 2.22.11. A big part of our progress is making our money back. We need you to buy the album on Tuesday if you’re able.

2) Help us promote. Send you friends to these links every once in awhile…

Lastly. As all of these changes and new things are happening, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Hope to see you guys at a show.

Love you all very much,

Published by owenpye

Hey guys! It's me, Owen! Let's grab a coffee or something. hello@owenpye.com follow me @owenpye on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

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