Episode #5 Is Here Already?!

You know, every week I post a video blog, the feeling is bittersweet: I’m super happy that I get to share something new with you guys, but I’m bummed because we’re almost done with the vlogs all together! But then I get excited because that means we’re almost to the new album dropping. It’s just an emotional roller coaster. Up and down. 🙂

Today’s episode is airing a day early, because of Tuesday’s stop-motion hitting the interweb. I didn’t want 2 new vids hitting the net on the same day and just confusing the heck out of everyone.

This episode you get to hear from Chris Bonney (producer) and Shane Zimmer (guitarist/co-producer) about the album. This is my favorite episode because I am not talking the entire time. I hope you like it and that you will share the video link with your friends on twitter, facebook, and wherever else you can think of:

Next Tuesday will be our final episode and tomorrow we will be revealing the new stop-motion film on youtube along with the single “Barriers” on iTunes!

If I had to put into words how excited I am, I’d probably just use a ton of exclamation points. Like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will refrain. God bless you guys. Ta ta for now.

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