Hellooooooo (Update)

Remember on Seinfeld when Jerry would always be like, “HELLOOOOOOO…?”

That’s fun to do.

I’m giving you all one big “HELLOOOO” right now.

I am at home with my lovely wife at this second and we are enjoying some Sci-Fi television via the netflix as I type away at this update.

So here it is.

The album is finished and currently in the factory of Discmakers. As most of you know, I partnered with a student label (Blackroom Records) to release this new full-length in the spring.

This is the official announcement. “The Truth About Man” will be available for purchase on 2-22-11! – This album has 9 songs on it and I think you’ll like it.

That being said… I’m in the middle of booking a lot of tour dates with help from my friends. Below are some specific cities and dates that I’m looking at. If you can help, let me know!:

Evansville, IN – March 14th
Bowling Greenville, KY – March 15th
Chattangooga, TN – March 19th
Greenville, SC – March 22nd
Charleston, SC – March 23rd
Savannah, GA – March 24th
Jacksonville, FL – March 25th
Tallahassee, FL – March 26th
Birmingham, AL – March 27th
Memphis, TN – March 28th
Little Rock, AR – March 29th
Tulsa, OK – March 30th
Wichita, KS – April 1st
Kansas City, MO – April 2nd

If your city is not listed, do not fear as Jillian, Cash and myself will be hitting anywhere we can.

There’s a lot of other rad stuff in the works, but I either can’t say it here or I don’t know enough about it to talk about it. Get it?

Love you guys. Hope you got a lot out of my scatterbrain update.

– Owen

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