Rad Shows Lately

I’ve been playing some rad shows lately. I thought I’d blog all about it.

One of my favorite artists, Denison Witmer, announced that he was doing a Living Room tour this year. We had the awesome privilege of hosting the first one of the tour, here at in our apartment in Lebanon.

It was such a treat having Denison come play in such an intimate setting. He informed me that this is the first house show he’d ever played. This blew my mind, as most of the shows I’ve played through the years have been in homes. I hope he enjoyed being here as much as we all liked hearing him.

I invited one of my best friends, both in and outside of music, Nick Flora to join us for the fun.

My wife and I are moving out of our awesome apartment in a few weeks so this is a great way to end our time here. We won’t ever forget such an awesome night of music and fellowship.

The midweek show was just the beginning of the fun.

My good pal Austin Smith from the other side of the river, invited me to come and be one of the supporting acts for a Sci-Fi Lounge show he was throwing. As some of you know, The Sci-Fi Lounge is one of my favorite St. Louis venues. Hopefully this picture will explain:

The touring act for the bill is one I hadn’t heard of, which isn’t saying much as I am very bad at remembering up and coming acts. Gardening, Not Architecture was a really rad dance/rock/let your hair down and party kind of band.

Some really neat local artists played too. Stealing Seattle, Byron & The River, Moe from Scene of Irony, and rockin’ band called Family Might (pictured below.)

The night included, as I said before, a cool set by Gardening, Not Architecture. Front-(wo)man, Sarah Saturday (yes that’s her name), held a workshop halfway through the night. She spoke on the state of music and the arts in our country and our desire to see the arts restored. She started a movement some years back called EIY (Earn It Yourself.) It was obvious all of the bands and people involved at the show had a passion for the music scene and a love for people and were behind this movement in their own way already.

(^ Bad Quality Photo of Gardening, Not Architecture.)

(From Left: Sarah, Owen, Ian.)

(^ Byron & The River from Left: Troy, Amanda, Owen, Bryce, Audra.)

This week of shows was just what I needed. I had such a great time performing with and for such excellent people. For those that came, thank you. For those that didn’t, maybe next time. 🙂

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